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The Progress/Status Post

Last updated; 5-21-06

All current projects, original and fanfiction, listed with their current status and information about publication, plans, plus my comments.

Only current and in-progress continuations will be listed in the fanfiction section.

Original Work


When he was a boy he and his mother fled the imperial city of Machonon after his father's death. They seek sanctuary in a small village, where their nobility and wealth stand out as much as Kael's mane of silver hair and black eyes. As he grows Kael must uncover the mystery of the betrayal that destroyed his father, and a young mother who rarely speaks of their previous lives. When he returns to Machonon years later his life is suddenly darkly clouded with his father's past, his own terrible actions, and the gods who are startlingly more real.

Percentage complete? About 10% (since there's so much research involved)
Current stage? I have the first chapter, but am working out the plot and studying a lot of history and religion to flesh out the story before I start writing more.
Online publication? Since it's original there won't be any internet publication beyond the snippets in this journal.
Plans? Once finished i'll send it to publishers.
Comments? This is the story I began for the writing class I took from Orson Scott Card this past semester. This story began by picturing the protagonist, Kael. I had been heavily saturated with the artwork of Kouyu Shurei and his manga Alichino, and also the music of DespairsRey, and Kael came to my mind purely as an imaginative character. I instantly became enthralled, and tossed around some ideas.
Pop-up Fact! Originally Kael's story was that he and an auburn-haired friend were Exorcists for hire in a fantasy world based on ancient Japan. They were dangerous guys out for their own profit, and had horror stories revolve around their exorcist jobs.


Blood Claim

When Sanura's older brother dies she inherits the throne of a desert society dwelling in the imperious citadel. Their overly-stoic and unfeeling lifestyle that is bound by tight moral and ethical behavior strangles her. When a mysterious young man appears and is taken prisoner whispers spread that he is of the Eadoin of legend - a fierce fighting people from the lush north who command magic with their eyes. To escape a brutal mother and her society, she flees with him, helping him escape.

Percentage complete? About %50 (I have completed this novel, but am re-writing it after thinking through the plot more)
Current stage? Writing version two.
Online publication? Since it's original there won't be any internet publication beyond the snippets in this journal.
Plans? Once finished i'll send it to publishers.
Comments? This story is very dear to me. I had finished it but I felt I hadn't done it any justice at all. I wanted to put it away for a bit and then re-write it.
Pop-up Fact! This story began themed around the dancing that the Eadoin do. It's based off of Irish Dance, which I do.


As The Sun Rises and Sets

Kana is on love with Ryuji, a young samurai. But just when their love begins to bloom she is betrothed to a young lord - a lord Ryuji serves as personal samurai for. Their secret love cannot last forever, especially when Kana begins to be drawn to the quiet and gentle lord. And Ryuji's sword has always been slow to protect the man keeping them apart.

Percentage complete? Only about 2-3%
Current stage? I'm working on the research, trying to make it historically acurate. Also smoothing out the plot.
Online publication? Since it's original there won't be any internet publication beyond the snippets in this journal.
Plans? Once finished i'll send it to publishers.
Comments? I have always loved Japan and the regal mystery of it. The idea of romantic samurai and maidens never ceases to pull me in. I wanted to work on my own medieval Japanese tale.
Pop-up Fact! It was only after I started working out the plot that I realized how many parellels there are between this story and King Arthur, Guenevere, and Lancelot. My current state is wondering whether I should make this intentional or try to to steer very clear of that.


This Place

Fleeing the arguments and fighting taking place in her breaking home, Molly Eversbloom takes to the woods. There she finds sanctuary in an old, decaying house. She pushes away her fears of it; it's the old haunted house no one will go near. But when she walks through the creaking door she sees him, just a bit older than she, standing at the top of the tall stairs. And now, no matter where she looks, she can't find a way out. Why does the boy always scream when she asks him questions of his past? Why doesn't anything change within these walls? What exactly is happening in this place?

Percentage complete? 5%
Current stage? This is currently on a bit of a backburner with two chapters written.
Online publication? Since it's original there won't be any internet publication beyond the snippets in this journal.
Plans? Once finished i'll send it to publishers.
Comments? I wanted to write something of a dark children's story. Kind of along the vein of Neil Gaiman's Coraline. I also wanted to include a message, though. A moral, which I think this book will.
Pop-up Fact! The story originated as a poem, but it was quite creepy. I decided that writing it as a book not only would increase its potential, but shave off some of the darkness to it and make it better for kids.

Fanfiction Work

The Playboy and The Secretary

Trunks has just inherited Capsule Corporations, but his party-boy attitude is infamous. In an attempt to get his chaotic life in order, his mother hires him a personal secretary. Her name is Pan Son.

Fandom: DragonballZ/GT
Rating: PG-13
Rating for: No sex content or bad language. Rated for references to his bad-boy lifestyle.
Pairings: Trunks/Pan (hey, it's me, right?)
Published at:

Published Chapters: Introduction and 7 chapters (listed as 8 on FFnet).
Percentage complete of next chapter? 50%
App. length of story? That's a secret.
Plans? To actually finish it. That would be nice. heh.
Comments? This is loosely based off of the movie Two Weeks Notice with Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock. I'm a big fan of the movie and totally could see Trunks and Pan doing it. I always write Trunks as a cocky, conceited, arrogant jerk with a tendency towards the playboy-type lifestyle, and Pan as put together, stoic, and sarcastic. It just fit. I switched up the roles (personal secretary was not in the movie), and I think i've made the plot my own. I just used the movie as a springboard.


Scenes Of A Tragic Curse

A collection of 100 drabbles written for an online challenge community.

Fandom: Fruits Basket
Rating: Oh gosh. PG-13 to be safe.
Rating for: Intensity. Angst. Tragedy. Violence. References to abuse. References to Shigure and Akito's scandalous relationship.
Pairings: Too many to count.
Published at:

Published Chapters: 5
Percentage complete of next chapter? 0%
App. length of story? 100 drabbles (vignette-type pieces)
Plans? I'm hoping and praying I actually finish it.
Comments? Angst gets me going. It makes my writing world go 'round. The Sohma family has so much tragedy (abuse, neglect, scandalous relationships, manipulation, betrayal, etc. etc. etc.) that the possibilities are endless. I love writing for this series, and having it be a bunch of drabbles really gives me a lot of flexibility. And let me just say a lot will probably end up being about Akito. That kid has issues, and I love writing about them.



Her presence was like the first breath of spring in his wintery life. He loved her. He couldn't help it. He loved her so much that when she was hurt, when it all shattered, his heart broke beyond repair. "It would have been better if you and I had never met" was what she said before he erased her memories of their love, but he couldn't agree; his memories of her was all that kept him feeling alive in the Sohma house, where all he is seen as is frozen snow.

Fandom: Fruits Basket
Rating: PG-13
Rating for: Intensity, abuse, violent acts.
Pairings: Hatori Sohma and Kana Sohma
Published at: Not published yet

Published Chapters: None
Percentage complete of next chapter? All five chapters are in progress.
App. length of story? 5 chapters.
Plans? To finish the entire story before releasing any of it.
Comments? Hatori and Kana. Their story totally enchants me and breaks my heart. No one has written anything to do it justice. I'm going to attempt to. Written like a memoir from Hatori.



He didn't fear anyone. He didn't fear death. He didn't fear the devil himself. And that was just the problem. "You're going to get yourself killed someday!" she had screamed at him. He had shrugged. She was probably right. And then he put on the uniform. Maybe he could be more than just a cocky jerk slipping dirty jobs to pay the rent. He put on that uniform, and he became a Turk.

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII (Advent Children, kind of, too)
Rating: PG-13
Rating for: Because it's Reno, ladies and gentleman
Pairings: Um, kind of Reno/OC
Published at: Nowhere yet

Published Chapters: None
Percentage complete of next chapter? N/A
App. length of story? Don't know yet
Plans? To make it some good Reno backstory
Comments? I love Reno. I mean, who doesn't? When I saw Advent Children my love was rekindled for that cocky, swaggering idiot who always has something smart to say to whoever he's fighting. I had forgotten how much I missed the Turk. Kind of like when I wrote Your Love Is All I Want the deal is I want something, can't find it, so I write it myself.


This will be updated whenever there are changes. Feel free to bookmark it or add it to lj memories.

- Acky

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