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New laptop, excited for school, and the smells of Coffeehouses

I've neglected this for longer than I wanted to. But I just got a laptop and am excited about the "writing on the go" possibilities. Am taking a long car trip starting this weekend, so i'm sure a lot of writing will be done. Have been working heavily on Dhalrhiad lately. Have really got into the swing of things. The more I work on it, like the experience I had with Blood Claim, the clearer it becomes. Everyone's motives, their feelings, how they act, all becomes more clear and realistic.

There's something about Coffeeshops that inspire my creativity and artistic spirit. Am sitting in my favorite coffeeshop now, enjoying the smells of Espresso and that "Coffeehouse scent" which you can never put your finger on.

I am, strange as it is to anyone I tell, very excited for school to start. I am a colder weather person, and I like having things to do and a certain amount of organization to my life, even if I am free-spirited and "spur of the moment." And so I am very excited.
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