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ARCHAIC i n k ; [entries|friends|calendar]
Archaic Ink


I'm a writer. A University student. I'm also a music lover, avid reader, and internet-addictee. I love rain, my Vaio laptop Clark Kent, Jrock, period clothing, and good YA fantasy. My heroes are Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth, Okita Souji, Anne Rice, Közi, and Kaori Yuki. I'm also terribly obsessed with The Mad Hatter and tea.

This Journal

Archaic Ink is my writing journal for both original fiction and fanfiction. It is separate from my other livejournal and only contains entries having to do with writing or other literary interests.

Feel free to browse through the entries. You may find it useful to use the "Entries by Subject" link to browse the livejournal tags and find entries pertaining to certain works, or you might want to check out the "Status Post" to see when that next chapter is coming out.


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Forsaken - Interview with the Vampire [
Posted on August 08, 2006 @ 3:17 pm
Interview with the Vampire has been on my mind a lot lately. Naturally some fanfiction would surface. It started as a train of thought, then a train of lines. I was able to work it into a scene.

Title: Forsaken
Fandom: Interview with the Vampire - the movie's a failed attempt at conveying the book, but this fits it as well as the novel, I guess.
Length: 1,404 words
Rating: PG-13 for references
Summary: Always Lestat and Louis would come to the same arguments with the same vigor.

The street was a tumultuous stir of music...Collapse )

*The French used needs to be checked. I'm not a fluent French-speaker and had to use a translation program.

**I might revise it eventually. I rarely revise one-shot fanfiction, but maybe I will someday since it was written in one sitting.
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New laptop, excited for school, and the smells of Coffeehouses [
Posted on July 13, 2006 @ 2:14 pm
[ mood | relaxed ]

I've neglected this for longer than I wanted to. But I just got a laptop and am excited about the "writing on the go" possibilities. Am taking a long car trip starting this weekend, so i'm sure a lot of writing will be done. Have been working heavily on Dhalrhiad lately. Have really got into the swing of things. The more I work on it, like the experience I had with Blood Claim, the clearer it becomes. Everyone's motives, their feelings, how they act, all becomes more clear and realistic.

There's something about Coffeeshops that inspire my creativity and artistic spirit. Am sitting in my favorite coffeeshop now, enjoying the smells of Espresso and that "Coffeehouse scent" which you can never put your finger on.

I am, strange as it is to anyone I tell, very excited for school to start. I am a colder weather person, and I like having things to do and a certain amount of organization to my life, even if I am free-spirited and "spur of the moment." And so I am very excited.


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